BACK TO SCHOOLThat time is slowly approaching again, so whether you’re starting a new year at high school or going into year 7 you’ll probably be shopping around for a new bag, new stationary and all that good stuff, at least I know when I was in high school that was my favourite part, it makes going back to school that bit more exciting.

So here is some inspiration for you so I suggest getting your shopping list out!
I have 3 bags that I use at University as I like to mix it up now and then plus some days I need to take less than other days so I like to also have a smaller bag as well.

Here are my favourite bags, I have had these for a little while now so I may not be able to find the exact ones Online however I will try my best to find ones that look somewhat similar.

Find similar here
Find similar here
Find similar here
Find similar here
Find similar here

There are so many beautiful bags if you spend the time searching, websites I suggest checking out:

Skinny Dip London
New Look

I hope this post has given you some ideas, this upcoming weekend would be the perfect time to pick up the perfect school bag before September starts.
Good luck!

Have you already picked up your bag for school? Share and leave the links to your favourite bags in the comments!


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